When you eat carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into sugars, like glucose, which can be then used to fuel the muscles and organs in your body, particularly the brain. Hypoglycemia is a condition where your body secretes too much insulin and as a result sends your blood glucose too low for your body to perform normal functions. When this happens and your body becomes starved for energy, you will see the physical and psychological side effects of hypoglycemia. This problem is very treatable and may even be treated naturally if you recognize how it works.
When hypoglycemia isn’t treated properly there are many possible symptoms that you might see.
Lots of people who believe they have hypoglycemia don’t know why they have it or who’s very likely to get it. Hypoglycemia is common in teens which are taking blood sugar lowering medication for diabetes. It is also possible for overdoses of alcohol, insulin, or other diabetes medication to cause hypoglycemia in people that are otherwise healthy.
Hypoglycemia is otherwise quite rare in teens and adults and yet many men and women are under the mistaken belief that they might have hypoglycemia. Since hypoglycemia has so many distinct symptoms that overlap with numerous other health problems it is very possible for someone to recognize symptoms that they have and relate them to hypoglycemia, when in fact it can be something else. If you are concerned that you might have hypoglycemia or something with the very same symptoms, it is recommended that you visit palm bay, fl squirrel control services to get a definitive opinion on what may be wrong.

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If you do have hypoglycemia, do not panic. There are lots of manageable ways to treat it, including naturally via your diet. When attempting to treat hypoglycemia naturally, you need to be careful not to introduce too much sugar into your system as this could send your blood glucose too high and cause another set of problems. If you feel you are suffering from hypoglycemia, the overall treatment is to eat 15g of carbohydrates. There are glucose pills available that are 15 g of glucose, or you can attempt 15ml (3tsp) of sugar blended into water, 175ml of juice or soft drink, or 15ml of honey. If your symptoms persist you should be sure to see your doctor because these methods of naturally treating hypoglycemia aren’t fool proof.
While being able to treat hypoglycemia naturally is fine, it is not to be taken lightly. Hypoglycemia is a serious illness and it is recommended that you talk with your physician before going ahead with treating yourself naturally. If you’re interested in more detail about hypoglycemia and learning about blood glucose, check out this.

Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

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